Department of Home Economics

General Information about the Department of Home Economics in Eggestedter Straße

Welcome to Eggestedter Straße 20!

The administrative headquarters of Schulzentrum Blumenthal is located “An der Egge”, as our location on Eggestedter Straße has long been affectionately known. This is also the location for our home economics programs, i. e. our educational programs for career orientation, vocational preparation and professional training for work in the areas of housekeeping, health and social welfare.

In addition, there are now four starter courses in which refugee teenagers are prepared for the transition to the above-mentioned classes.

Teamwork, characterised by appreciation, cooperation, and support, enables our teaching staff to promote the development of our students and their individual strengths.

We aim at creating an atmosphere of openness, dedication, concern for human values and personal integrity.

We share the location with a secondary school which makes the atmosphere very special indeed…