Vocational College for Home Economics and Social Affairs

The aim of the one-year preparatory course in Home Economics and Social Care is to introduce students to a variety of occupations as well as to earn an Intermediate School-Leaving Certificate (Mittlerer Schulabschluss)

In cooperation with the Fichtenhof retirement home and our own school cafeteria, students get a broad basic vocational education in the following areas:

Caring for seniors
Kitchen help,

Students acquire basic skills throughout the school year, with training taking place one day a week, the so-called internship day. On the allocated day, students work at either Fichtenhof or in our cafeteria. Students change locations at half-yearly intervals. This provides them with as much basic vocational training as possible. The work placement is accompanied by on-site training and followed up in class. In this way students gain valuable work experience which should help them make a decision for a specific job.

In addition, students will continue to receive a general education. Upon completion students receive an MSA (Intermediate School-Leaving Certificate).