When Students do Business: The “Egge-Store”

What have spelt-filled warming pillows and lavender soap to do with school? Actually, nothing. Unless these are products connected with a student company – and one that even makes a profit.

What do you need for such a success story? First, committed teachers, and second, teachers who initiate, support and make such a project happen. Then you need students who want to take part. In Blumenthal, Imke Meyer-Hinken, Anja Domning-Frieske, Mona Bauermeister and Judy Kohlstädt founded such a project: The “Egge-Store” with the Werkschule class “Werk 17.1” in school year 2016/2017.

The “Store” is a cart that is pulled by hand to where its products are to be sold. It is sponsored by the Bremen housing cooperative GEWOBA.

The initial funding for materials was provided by Anja Domning-Frieske, a teacher in Blumenthal. She says, “The investment was worth it” and smiles. “I’ve got my money back through profit on sales.” Incidentally, the “profit” is always re-invested in the company, as it is in the real economy.

The product range includes jams, spices and aromatic salts. Enterprising students create these products for their Egge-Store as part of their lessons. When a sales promotion is due a whole day is sacrificed to production.

Market economy oriented, they have also realised that the store needs to tempt the customers – to make them curious. That is why the range has been expanded to include edible cake pops, muffins and pizzas. A great success, as shown at the last creative fair in the school hall: The Egge-Store attracted not only a lot of passing customers with its beautifully decorated food, it also fitted in wonderfully with the trade fair motto “Good Taste”. And by the way, sales of basic products were increased. This is business!