House Rules

Our house rules have been put in place to ensure that everyone can interact in a cooperative learning environment.

Respect is a prerequisite.

The regulations are also intended to ensure that the building and its equipment are treated with care.

The rules listed also apply before and after classes, and during breaks.

1. The school inventory is to be treated with care. In case of gross negligence, compensation will be claimed for damages incurred.

2. Paths, hallways, corridors and stairs must be kept freely accessible.

3. All visitors to Schulzentrum Blumenthal must first report to the administration office. Visitors who do not will be asked to leave the school premises.

4. Photography, filming and sound recording are generally prohibited at school. Electronic equipment may only be operated outside of class times and outside the classrooms. The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices is prohibited during class times. The violation of this rule, especially during a written test, is considered cheating.

5. The carrying of weapons according to §1 of the Weapons Act (firearms, knives, and prohibited items such as punch rings, telescopic batons, etc.) is strictly prohibited. Similarly, it is not permitted to carry weapon-like objects including pocket knives, irritant gas or other comparable, dangerous objects. In addition, no imitation weapons may be brought along. If there are reasonable grounds to suspect a breach of these rules, a search may be carried out with the involvement of the police.

6. The school premises may be left during free lessons at the risk of the individual student only. Students are insured while in class and on the school grounds. Insurance cover does not exist outside the school premises and outside the way to school. Minors require permission for leaving the school premises from their legal guardians.

7. Accidents on the school premises and on the way to school must be reported immediately to the secretariat.

8. Motor vehicles and motorcycles are not allowed on the school grounds. Bicycles must be safely parked in the designated areas.

9. No liability is assumed for valuables and cash. Lockers are available for storing personal belongings. The rental agreement for a safe deposit box is concluded with the lending company.

10. Lost property must be handed over to the caretaker.
Only school staff are permitted to attach written notices in the designated areas: pupils must have notices approved by the school management. All notices must contain full contact details (First name and surname). Advertising and information of a commercial or party-political nature is not permitted. It is forbidden to post or distribute pamphlets on the school grounds. The representation of incitement to hatred or racially insulting ideas is prohibited – this provision also applies to symbols or wording on clothing.

11. All students are obliged to keep rooms, corridors and yard areas clean and to separate waste: recyclable plastics material (goes in the yellow bag), waste paper, organic waste, and residual waste. To make the work of the cleaning staff easier, chairs must be put on the tables after the end of the lessons. After each lesson, floors must be swept and boards wiped.

12. Classrooms may only be entered by students under supervision.

13. For safety reasons, the use of machines, equipment and test facilities is only permitted under the supervision of a teacher.

14. Smoking is prohibited on the entire school premises.

15. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or other drugs during school hours is not permitted.

16. Fire alarm is given by a triple signal from the fire siren. Pupils must leave the school building according to the instructions of the teachers.