School without Racism – School with Courage


School without Racism – School with Courage (SWR – SWC), is a project by and for students who want to take action against all forms of discrimination, especially racism, and contribute to a non-violent, democratic society. It is particularly important to develop civil courage and to create a school climate in which “being different” is accepted as normal. The title is not a prize and not an award for work already done, but is a voluntary commitment for the present and the future. A school with this title is part of a network expressing: We take responsibility for the atmosphere at our school and our environment.


At the same time, our self-image and mission statement are linked to the general principles of SWR-SWC, since it presupposes the promotion of values such as respect, appreciation, responsibility, civil courage, tolerance and the acceptance of otherness.


Schulzentrum Blumenthal organises a theme day every year around November 9th: School without Racism – School with Courage. On this day, there will be a panel discussion followed by an exchange and a variety of workshops on the topics of civil courage, forms of discrimination, intercultural competence and tolerance.


On Thursday, November 9, 2017, Schulzentrum Blumenthal and the secondary school An der Egge held their joint annual “School without Racism” Day. Both schools want to be an example – for students, parents and our urban district – against right-wing radicalism, discrimination and exclusion, and promote a peaceful co-existence.


Student body and staff prepared intensively for weeks – there were a large number of

projects, workshops and activities. These included workshops by Fluchtraum e. V. and UNICEF on the subject of refugees, as well as a workshop in cooperation with Werder Bremen, who established a football club at our school two years ago, in which students and refugees cooperate. Amnesty International hosted a workshop on human rights violations and the Rat & Tat Zentrum hosted a workshop on sexual diversity. There was also a workshop from the Alliance for Solidarity with the Sinti and Roma of Europe entitled “More Respect for Sinti and Roma”. The Bremen poet Eva Matz performed at the opening event and also conducted a poetry slam workshop on the topic of discrimination.